BIAS CUT DIY Fashion Workshops and Lessons

BIAS CUT DIY Fashion Workshops and Lessons
Plaats: Den Haag
Provincie: Zuid-Holland

In addition to designing fashion, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and I started in 2011 with teaching in making fashion at several locations.
The currents lessons are for hobby and I offer practical guidance in designing fashion and patterns for MBO and HBO fashion students. The lessons for hobbyists are suitable for very beginners, more or less experienced, children and adults. The classes are rather small and everyone can work individual on his or her own project, on his or her own level. Except for children, a special beginner program will be custom made for them. Lessons are both in English and Dutch. The international community in Den Haag, gives my lessons an international flair and besides teaching people how to sew and design, I enjoy bringing people together and I try to make everyone feel home.

You do not need to have your own sewing machine at home or bring any. There are many sewing patterns available and you can create any garment or accessory you like. It is also possible to follow private lessons.

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